Baltimore Section 8 waitlist to open for the first time in over a decade

Baltimore’s Section 8 housing voucher waiting list is about to open up to the public for the first time since 2003. That’s over 10 years since the last time!

The applications are only available to submit online. You can apply by going to the website here

They will be accepting applications starting tomorrow, October 22nd through October 30th. The city is [...] Continue Reading…

Indianapolis Section 8 to open up for the first time in years

Starting today at noon the waiting list for Section 8 benefits for the Indianapolis Housing Agency.  The last time they opened up the list, over 27,000 people sent in applications. This time around, authorities are expecting that number to more than double.

You can apply online by clicking here

They are expecting to add 6,000 names to the waiting list [...] Continue Reading…

FAQ #4: If I add someone to my Section 8 who earns money, will I lose my Section 8 benefits?

This is another common question.

Oftentimes, voucher holder want to have an additional person living with them. This may be a boyfriend/girlfriend, ex-spouse, parent, or other family member. This is not a problem (as long as the new addition does not have a felony conviction, read here

Remember, there is a distinction between adding someone on and simply having a [...] Continue Reading…

FAQ #3: Where can I find a Section 8 housing list?

This is a question I get asked repeatedly on this site. Where is the best place to find a listing of available Section 8 housing?

The quick answer is there is no easy way to get a COMPLETE listing of available housing in your area.

The best overall place I’ve found to have the most listings is It is a [...] Continue Reading…

FAQ #2: What is the distinction between a “visitor” and an “unauthorized guest?”

This is a question we receive quite often.

Example: you qualify for a 2 bedroom and have 3 people living in the house with you. Your uncle needs a place to stay. You have an extra bed or maybe room in the den/living room. Is that a problem? Can he stay with you? Or will that put your section 8 [...] Continue Reading…

FAQ #1: Can a convicted felon get Section 8?

One of the most frequently asked question is can a convicted felon qualify for Section 8?

The answer depends on a number of factors and the type of felony conviction. The application process for section 8 does necessitate a criminal background check so it is a pertinent question.

There are 2 felonies that will exclude you from obtaining a section 8 [...] Continue Reading…

Coming next week…All of your most popular questions answered!

I get a ton of e-mails with all sorts of questions. I try my best to incorporate some of those answers within my posts.

Coming next week, I’m going to start addressing the most common questions people ask me. Feel free to leave a comment below with a specific question you may have and I’ll add it to the list!

Looking [...] Continue Reading…

Another reason why Low Income housing is hard to find…

The Baltimore cit council was recently brought a new low income housing project to approve. Normally, a developer would just have to abide by Federal guidelines (which this particular developer has) and getting approved by the State is usually a done deal.

Not in Baltimore, apparently. Councilwoman Cathy Bevins has sponsored a resolution to oppose the proposal. If her resolution [...] Continue Reading…

The “trickle down” effect of tax hikes (San Diego edition)

The San Diego council is considering raising the tax on developers of low-income housing in the area. The proposal would raise the percentage to 1.5% of total construction costs. No big deal, right? Except that at 1.5% it’s a 500% increase!  500%!

So how does that affect you? Well, if developers are charged such a high tax to build low-income [...] Continue Reading…

For the first time ever, Section 8 vouchers may be revoked due to lack of funds

We’ve been hearing the warnings for a while. Government funding cuts. Sequester cuts. Economic turmoil.

We’ve seen the cuts affect the customer service and application management in some counties. We’ve been through the long waits for the waiting lists to open up again.

Now comes this: Current voucher holders having their benefits taken away.

I should note that they haven’t enacted the [...] Continue Reading…