Section 8 program: transfer from one city to another

Are you a Section 8 Program tenant planning to move to another city and avail the same Section Housing 8 facilities that you have in your present city? You better move fast because the entire process may take more than a month and you may find yourself without a roof over your head in case you don’t take timely action.
The process of the transfer of your Section 8 Program Voucher from one city to another – that is also sometimes termed as porting your voucher – may involve the following steps with little variations depending upon where you are currently and where you’re going to be after you have gotten your Section 8 Program Voucher transferred:

  1. First of all you need to contact your current Section 8 Housing representatives or the Initial Housing Authority to let them know that you are planning to move to another city and want the same Section 8 facilities there too. They will most probably ask you to sign a request for portability document and then issue you a housing choice voucher.
  2. Then your Initial Housing Authority or your Section 8 Housing representatives will have to mail all the associated documents to the housing society of the city you are planning to move to. These documents must include the HUD-52665 and the HUD-50058, birth certificates of all your family members, along with the Social Security numbers and cards, other photo identity proofs, and the proof of your total household income. You will need to make sure that all the documents reach the destination before you arrive there. Please keep in mind that it may take anywhere between 20-35 days for your documents to go through proper processing.
  3. Once you have arrived please call the housing office to confirm that your portability packet has arrived. They will instruct you to be present in their office along with your family members. When you appear for the interview you will be given a housing choice voucher that may help you decide where you would like to rent a place for your family.
  4. After you have chosen the house you will need to notify the housing department along with the attached documents so that the house can be inspected for a minimum health and security standards.
  5. Once the house has been cleared by the Housing authority only then you sign the lease agreement.
  6. As mentioned the entire procedure of getting your section 8 program voucher transferred from one city to another may take more than 30 days you will need to start with a proper plan of action.

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  1. I have a compelling positution charge got the case in 2007 will this keep me from getting my section8

  2. im thinking about porting from NYC to Voulsia County Florida this summer, this is my first time porting. Once you get notified about your interview date in the new city, is that when you pack all your stuff and move out? then once you have your interview date youre waiting for a breifing date to get your voucher, so technically you’ll be homeless while your trying to find a new apt in the new state? do they offer you any assistance in temp shelter while youre tring to get a new apt or are you suppose to find yourown? any information would be helpful as I dont know how this works

    • They dont assist you with a damn thing so yes basically you have to find your own way which defeats the purpose of being on the program from the start because if i can afford to put a room over my children head then i wouldn’t need the voucher at all so its a major headache…ive ported from nc to mia…mia to Orlando and now orlando to ga so its been tough each move but it always works out… Just stay on top of everything and the process isnt overnight like some may think its more like 4-5 month process because they press move like a snail when pressing the button on the mouse to process the paperwork 🙁

  3. Hi to all.. I’m working on moving from Newark Nj to Jacksonville fl do any body knows how long does jax take to send u your first appointment?


  5. I want know if thers away to port from texas to charlotte

  6. Moving in June 2016. Looking for a nice apartment complex in Decatur Georgia near good high school. ANY SUGGESTIONS PLEASE?? Thanks

  7. If i transfer to a different college to a different state can i take my section 8 voucher with me the only thing is i haven’t had my section 8 for a whole year just 8 months

  8. How do I get an application or voucher to be able to move from my section 8 housing in my current state to another state?

    • You need to go to your Section 8 office and say your summiting a transfer to another state in which is called a portability. .Filled out the form they are going to give you with all the info from the location you want to relocate. (.SECTION 8 HOUSING NEW info)..ok then you need to wait a 30 to 60 days depends who working on your case..

  9. Hi, I have secrion 8, but in city wherw I live, I get to many threats and people nocking and im scared living here, do you know if they can move me to different city that way I will feel safe ?

  10. Hello. I hv a Co worker who moved from Orange County CA to Washington DC. She told me that it took 1month for them to get the paper work through to DC. When DC office called her for an interview (they called on a tues. And wanted her to come in that Thurs.) she told them she was unable to come because she was still in CA. They reschedule the interview for 2weeks

    She took a plane to DC and stayed with her daugher. She said they gv her 3months to find a place here in DC.

  11. ? I’ve been living in Iowa for a year under tbra voucher just switched over to section 8 program will I be able to port my section 8

  12. joanne and donald says:

    what is the proper steps to take to transfer it from pa to pa but different counties schuylkill to lebanon…..
    must i reapply or is it easier?

  13. Hi everyone I have a Question anybody that can answer it I will highly appreciate it.I live in NYC I placed my portability to New Jersey I been waiting for a month to get called from NJ..What happens if I can’t find an a apt in NJ? Do I remain where I’m living at now? Or do I have to move regardless? Thank you. .

  14. Clayton Cayette says:

    What if I am on a waiting list in one City for a voucher, can i use it in another city once i get my voucher, or do i have to use it in the city that i applied in first?

  15. michelle says:

    Can I move from sacramento California to Phoenix Arizona

  16. ok so i have had my housing choice voucher for pass 4 years now, have resided in same house. i am wanting to trANSFER out of state. I currently live in New Orleans and wanting to go To colorado… i see so many housing authoritys that have (CLOSED) waiting list, does that include the people like me, DO I NEED TO GET ON WAITING LIST…???? SO CONFUSED

    • Nelson Rosen says:

      No, you don’t need to get on the voucher waiting list. You just need to check with the county you are moving to to see if they are absorbing.

  17. Can you move to another state once you get your voucher or do you have to wait ?

  18. richard says:

    my mom just got her voucher in dixie county fl but its too far from family can she change it to orange county fl

  19. I recently got approved for section 8 in another state from which i live how long do i have to live in the state which approved me before I can transfer it to another state

  20. I am currently on the wait list for section 8 in Lewiston Id. Just got told I’m at the top of the list. Can I transfer my voucher to Florida without living in Lewiston for a year?

  21. Lori Hall says:

    Just wondering if your voucher had been terminated for a week or two and they reinstate it, can you still Port out or do they start your year all over again.

  22. You have to wait a year before you have to wait.

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