Section 8 program: transfer from one city to another

Are you a Section 8 Program tenant planning to move to another city and avail the same Section Housing 8 facilities that you have in your present city? You better move fast because the entire process may take more than a month and you may find yourself without a roof over your head in case you don’t take timely action.
The process of the transfer of your Section 8 Program Voucher from one city to another – that is also sometimes termed as porting your voucher – may involve the following steps with little variations depending upon where you are currently and where you’re going to be after you have gotten your Section 8 Program Voucher transferred:

  1. First of all you need to contact your current Section 8 Housing representatives or the Initial Housing Authority to let them know that you are planning to move to another city and want the same Section 8 facilities there too. They will most probably ask you to sign a request for portability document and then issue you a housing choice voucher.
  2. Then your Initial Housing Authority or your Section 8 Housing representatives will have to mail all the associated documents to the housing society of the city you are planning to move to. These documents must include the HUD-52665 and the HUD-50058, birth certificates of all your family members, along with the Social Security numbers and cards, other photo identity proofs, and the proof of your total household income. You will need to make sure that all the documents reach the destination before you arrive there. Please keep in mind that it may take anywhere between 20-35 days for your documents to go through proper processing.
  3. Once you have arrived please call the housing office to confirm that your portability packet has arrived. They will instruct you to be present in their office along with your family members. When you appear for the interview you will be given a housing choice voucher that may help you decide where you would like to rent a place for your family.
  4. After you have chosen the house you will need to notify the housing department along with the attached documents so that the house can be inspected for a minimum health and security standards.
  5. Once the house has been cleared by the Housing authority only then you sign the lease agreement.
  6. As mentioned the entire procedure of getting your section 8 program voucher transferred from one city to another may take more than 30 days you will need to start with a proper plan of action.

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  1. Did you move to Florida already? I’m in Florida and trying to move to another city. Let me know how you did the process or if you need help.
    The county that issued my voucher is still open. I’m trying to move closer to my doctor. So I need to move to another city.
    They are telling me to find one that absorbs. If they are still issuing vouchers can I be helped by accepting to be billed if I find a lower priced place to live? Meaning my rent would be lower than what I’m paying now,.

  2. I am trying to move to Norwalk from West Haven. The worker informed me that they can only port my paperwork to the housing authority in Norwalk. I found a place already and the landlord informed me that he goes through a different company named J Amelio and associates. Is it my choice where I want the voucher sent?

    • As long as the new building is section 8 approved, you can move in there and the landlord will deal with section 8 directly to get paid once your paperwork is processed.

  3. I’m trying to move my section 8 to Minneapolis my plan is to move in May I already talk to my worker and I already have my packet. my question is how long is the progress I know I have to go to ornamentation but I’m not sure if I should turn it in the first week of April or. Getting close to my leave date? Need help?

  4. I am looking to port out of Montana to Florida (Kissimmee Area) and am looking for information on the porting process into FL and how long it takes to complete all the necessary paper work. I will be Porting in July 2015.

    • How long did it take you and did FL contact that your transfer was done or your previous state?

    • Nelson maybe you can help also, I would like to move to jacksonville from CT, however when reading the Jville section 8 rules it says that if you come to them with a 3 bdrm voucher doesnt mean you will keep one when you get there, their rules are 2 to a room regardless of age or sex. Have you heard this? I lived in Jville over 10 yrs ago & had a 3 bdrom, now its lookin like nope both kids in the same

  5. I’m porting from Chicago to south suburbs . All my paperwork has been received and I have appointment this month but is it an interview or briefing?

    • hi, lisa how long did it take for housing to call you.for a briefing? for the south burbs. im sick of thr city im ready to go!!


  6. I moved to a naiborhood that nothing but trouble keeps happening with in the few months that I have lived here people are getting shot and drug addics and gang bangers are contently in and out of the complex at all hours of the night. I have talked to the landlord/owner about this but nothing is being done. He also is renting out one of the gorages to someone as an apartment. Will section8 allow me to move 3 months befor my year is up here in Los angeles ca.

  7. Hi everyone, I was just wondering about the voucher amount? does it change when you go from one state to another..since some states cost of living is higher than others.
    such as I am coming from Houston, going to Vegas? Will my voucher increse or decrease.
    Thank you

  8. Hi my name is Jasmine, I”m new to the Section 8 of Kern County.
    I just have a question do you have to stay in the the county, that approved you for section8 for a year. Before you can transfer to another county?

  9. I live in PR i am planning on moving to texas wish to transfer my section 8 but really cant find the information for the texas Sect 8 office for the transfer

  10. Hello I live in Marion County Fl im trying to move back to New York so I can be closer to family and find better work opportunity I had lived in Suffolk County Ny I’ve been trying to call a lot of places in New York even in Pennsylvania and NO ONE is absorbing, Please I’m in desperate need to go back I know the cost in New York is a lot but I feel I would have a better opportunity to find what I’m looking for with work and having a set life goal for me as a nurse. So please someone help me find a place that is ABSORBING!! P.s my lease is up next month June 30 not much time. Thank you Everyone Have a Bless Day.

  11. So I went to orientation month ago how long does it take to actually get my voucher im in Durham nc I submitted all my documents and proof of homelessness.

    • Were you accepted? Submitting all documents does not automatically get you a voucher. It can take years of waiting.

  12. I am on section 8 in Minnesota, and my lease is up in 12-15 when should I ask for my portability papers or is it to early?



    • Try this company, they accept public assistance payment:718-349-3114. A&a moving and storage.

  14. HELPi have 3 months remaining before my lease isup.Im trying to move to a new county.When do i inform my caseworker than im transfering my voucher? thanks in advance.

  15. I am trying to transfer my section 8 voucher from Savannah to Atlanta. How long will it take being that its in the same state?

    • I live in new york and i want to move to atlanta when i called to get the information to get it portable they was giving me the run around. Can somebody help me

  16. Hello i was wondering do anyone know how would I be able to tell if section has gotten to my number in forth worth Texas I am having time trying to find out. I am from mississippi but I have a number on the waiting list.

    • You can call your HA to try and find out but it’s unlikely they’ll tell you where you are on the list.

  17. I have a question? I’m in the process of trying to move to a different county I got a voucher from my present one for the house I’m in now and a voucher from the new county to look for a home there! What I’m asking is stuff isn’t working out like I hoped to be able to move now does anyone know if id be able to cancel the absorbing to a new county and just stay in the county I’m At now and continue my HUD in the home I’m at now?

  18. I currently live in NJ want to transfer to AZ for medical purposes…Also can I add a person on…..and what if I don’t have income? I would apply for Cash Assistance until I find work….any suggestions?

  19. I live in PA I would like to move to Orlando Fla trying to find out how is the process when is to another state far I know from city to city in PA but not to another state far

  20. Can any one tell me how can I transfer my section 8 I live in DeKalb county and the voucher in for Macon county Macon says that I got to stay their for a year before I can move is their any way I can port out before that year

  21. hi i have a quick question my husband and i are in sec.8 and we live in mission tx right now but his doctor from houston tx asked him if he can move back to be seen frequently is there any way we can get a transfer? and if so how does it work o what do we have to do?

  22. i have section8 i live in ny asked to move to connecticut have to go n pick up my voucher but the house i wanted got rented out can i transfer my section8 back to ny?

  23. Hi,, I am porting my Sec 8 voucher from GA to VA, where the cost of living almost doubles as does the housing payments standard. Problem is, since the new HA is not absorbing, only billing, my old HA said they will not pay a dime over the payment standard in GA. How can this be? I would never be able to find a place for that amount. Don’t they have to go by what the new payment standard is because of the location? They said tough luck, find someone who will absorb, not bill. Any chances that this isn’t 100% accurate?

  24. Im trying to move from Columbus Ohio to Las Vegas with my section 8 voucher How long is the prosess and how much time am I giving to move?

  25. What is the time limit that you can use your voucher once you transfer it, and what if you don’t find any places can you transfer it back?

  26. I have section 8 I just moved in my house in March2015 I signed a year lease I was just offered a job in Houston will I be able to move or will I have to turn down the job and stay out my year lease

  27. I live in key west I just got section 8 I have been looking for a home and couldn’t find any ,so I wouldn’t want to lose the section 8 program and I was wondering if I could move to a different city before a year

    p.s. I really need the section8 program

  28. Does anyone know if Colorado …Denver or Boulder area is billing or absorbing or also do u know the amount they start you at …I’m in va and from what I’ve seen its expensive there too

  29. hi I have a question. I currently have a voucher in north Carolina and am porting to md. I wanted to add my aunt before hand but i don’t think there is enough time to do the back ground check for her. can it be done in for days. she has know record. if not can i add her once i get to where im going. how long is the approval process to add my aunt, also can i request that my worker don’t port my paperwork until she is able to add my aunt or does she have a deadline. she was saying something about needing to add her before issuing my voucher. so if she has to issue me a voucher cant she update it after and then port it.

  30. I am from Brideport Connecticut I am trying to Transfer to Stratford Connecticut how days they get the paper

  31. If i just moved to iowa an they passed my inspection an my place is still not livable can i port back home if i cnt fund nothin else in iowa for my family size

  32. I currently live in a section 8 apartment in Nampa Idaho I would like to know where do I go to section 8 to move to a different state in Oregon my daughter has moved there and it’s important to me to be close to family that has helped out and I’ve helped them

  33. I may be moving to Atlanta surrounding area . can I transfer a voucher there. I have my son that moved there and I’m getting sick need to move closer.

  34. Hi Towanda, I was wondering if you were able to transfer into Ga. I am looking to do the same thing. Did you try all the housing authorities in and around Gwinett County or do you inquire on a state level?

  35. The voucher amount will vary since limits or payment standards may be different depending on the Housing Authority. This is not necessarily a bad thing.

  36. Unfortunately, new Section 8 voucher holders will have to live for at least a year in the jurisdiction where you applied. Once you lived in that area for 12 months, then you should talk to your Case Worker about moving.

  37. As long as you’ve lived in WV for at least 12 months you just need to contact your Section 8 case worker and request moving papers. I’d suggest you also call Arlington Housing Authority to get a list of docs you need to provide them with. Call them before you go to your interview at WV. That way you make sure to gather all the info at once.

  38. Generally it is a short process. The only delay should be finding housing authorities willing to absorb you, not getting authorization to get ported out.

  39. I’d suggest you add your relatives now. Section 8 Housing rules might slightly differ from state to state. I would start inquiring at the end of October. Make sure not to sign Lease renewal with your Landlord, though.

  40. Only in some cases. Because at my breifing (WISCONSIN)asked could I port right out to VEGAS and they let me …. Few papers that needed to be signed and a lot of time but now I’m here 9months strong and loving it

  41. I have a question I just received my letter stating a meeting to get my section 8 voucher I’ve been waiting on for three years what I want to know is I’ve currently just moved to another state can I port it from PA to Maryland I hope so I really could use the help