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So, how many bedroom unit are you entitled to as a section
8 voucher holder? It may not be as many as you think. Generally,
it’s two people per room. So if you have two daughters you could
have them live in the same bedroom , and have a bedroom for
yourself. But, let’s say you have a daughter and a son, they would
need seperate bedrooms (especially as teens!). So you need a
bedroom for yourself and one for each child. You could even have
your old aunt betty as part of your household, who would then
require her own bedroom too, which would put you in a four bedroom
situation. Therefore section 8 will take these considerations into
account. Section8 has the following standards to ensure these bases
will be covered. 0 bedrooms (studio) – 1 person 1 bedroom – 1 to 2
people 2 bedroom – 2 to 4 people 3 bedroom – 3 to 6 people 4
bedroom – 4 to 8 people 5 bedroom – 5 to 10 people 6 bedroom – 6 to
12 people

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  1. I am 26 yrs old and I am on a 3 room voucher with my family 2 brothers and mother . My mother is trying to kick me out because she is upset with me . I don’t have a job right now . Can she legally kick me out .. Please help

  2. I’m confused I live in NC where I have a 2 bedroom voucher because I have a 7 year old son. I was just absorbed to VA where I was down graded to a 1 unit voucher. Could you explain to me why??

  3. I have a 6 yr old son and a 10 yr old daughter. Will i be able to get a three bedroom. My kids are getting older. I , live in the state of delaware.

    • Nelson Rosen says:

      Probably not, but check with your local HA.

    • I applied for section 8 in NYC like 1 and a half year ago and I’m still waiting . Is it possible for me to send a letter asking them if I can get it quicker because I have 3 boys and 2 girls along with me and my husband living in a 2 bed room apartment . And we can’t afford a lbigger place . What should I do? And how many rooms would they give us

    • Nelson Rosen says:

      Not much you can do other than call and ask where you are on the waiting list. Writing a letter will most likely not affect it one way or the other.

  4. Pamela Johnson says:

    Qualify for 3 bedroom voucher. Found a 4 bedroom within the 3 bedroom voucher amount. Will I qualify?

  5. Im on sec 8 in califorina I have two boys 9-&8 i understand they will share a room but i also have a small child who is also a boy he is 17months old will he be forced to join the other two and then will i have three boys all in one room

    • Nelson Rosen says:

      He will have to stay in your room if you don’t want him with the other boys.

  6. I currently live in Birmingham, Alabama and am on section 8. I have been on the program since 2007 and at that time was giving a 2 bedroom voucher for myself and my then 7 year old son. In 2012. Since then, I have given birth to a daughter, who is now 2 yrs old as of 12/2014. I am now expecting a son April 2015. Will I then be eligible for a 3 bedroom voucher?

  7. My son is 14 years old, he will be 15 in 10/2015 and my daughter will be 3 in 12/15. Or will my daughter and newborn son have to both share a room with me?

  8. Maritza Perez says:

    I have a 24yr old daughter and a 26 yr old son..yet they say I qualiy onlt for a two bedroom voucher. HOW?

    • Nelson Rosen says:

      Really it should only be for one. Consider yourself lucky. After 18, they are no longer considered kids. Unless they are physically or mentally impaired.

  9. Danielle says:

    I currently have a 3 bedroom voucher I recently gain custody of my nieces and nephew I now have a total of 7 children will I qualify for a 5 bedroom

  10. I have two daughter 8 and 2 month will I get a 2 bed room and do they consider a living room a bed room

  11. I live in jersey city nj and i have 8 year old boy and a 15 year old with a 2 bedroom and a up grade my voc to a 3 bedrrom?

  12. I live in Massachusetts and I currently live in a 2 bedroom apartment. I have a 13 year old and 19 year old boy. I shared my room with my husband , while the kids share their room.
    Do you think I can get 3 bedroom?

  13. Hi I have a daughter who is 3 and a son that is 5 do I qualify for 3 bedroom

  14. I live in NJ. I have a 3 bedroom voucher. I found a 4 bedroom house. Which is under the price for 3 bedroom . Will they give it to me?

    • Nelson Rosen says:

      So the asking price for the 4 bedroom is less than the total amount of your 3 bedroom voucher? If that’s the case I don’t see why they wouldn’t rent it to you. Nice Find!

  15. Ashley Gant says:

    If I have a girl (5) and a boy (2) how many rooms will I get on section 8

  16. Diana Ramos says:

    I have 6 kids 3 girls and 3 boys boy 13 yrs boy 9 yrs boy 5 months girl 11 yrs girl 7 yrs girl 4 yrs old how many bedroom should I get from section 8 in nyc bronx?

  17. I live in California, have a 3 bdrm voucher which includes daughter (29) son (24) myself (62) and granddaughter (6 1/2) if my son moves out, will I lose my 3 bdrm status, or be able to keep it?

  18. My mother is deadly ill and Is taking care of my 22 year old brother. I am on Section 8, I’m 30 years old, if I were to add my adult brother to the lease would I have to share a room with him? At the moment my household voucher is for 1.

    • I live in Santa Clara country in California

    • Nelson Rosen says:

      Not that easy to add an adult onto your section 8 unless you are the legal guardian. But if you do, you MAY get bumped up to a 2 bedroom.

  19. I have 6 kids, 12 Boy, 8 Boy, 6Boy ,5Boy ,4Girl, and a 10mo Boy. Plus their is me and my husband how many bedrooms do you think I will get they told me to start looking for places but I have no idea what I am looking for and to get a response from anyone is like pulling teeth. I am in Cook County Illinois

  20. Y Hello. I have a four bedroom voucher. Will section 8 let me move into a three bedroom apt?

  21. Sharise Robinson says:

    I live in livonia, mi and i received my section 8 in February I found a two bedroom with in a one bedroom budget will I be able to qualify?

  22. alona f says:

    hi I live in Suffolk county ny I have a 3 year old and a baby due in june. do I qualify for a 2 bedroom?

  23. I have a 2 bedroom voucher for me and my 14yr old daughter. But have custody of my now 8yr old niece for the past 5 yrs. The niece has been added to my lease but has some mental issues. Can I be bumped up to a 3 bedroom voucher due to the age difference one being a teenager and the other having mental issues which needs a room of her own. I already live in a 3bedroom house but im only receiving a 2 bedroom voucher. Since I’ve been on sec 8 I now receive disability so I have a bit more income. I live in kane county , Il. You can call office leave 30 messages but never receive a call back no matter what the circumstance es.

    • Nelson Rosen says:

      They are pretty bad at getting back to you. I doubt in Kane county you’d be bumped up to a 3 bedroom, especially considering that you receive disability. But it doesn’t hurt to apply.

  24. Okay a little confused planning on moving to south Carolina thus year I am currently in a 3 bedroom. I have to boys 11,and 7 months also 2 girls 7, and 6, plus myself. What would I qualified for and how much do they pay for???!!!

  25. we are a family of 5 how much do you have make per year to get on section 8I’m in the Kansas City area my husband make about 2500 a month

  26. Kolette a. says:

    I’m a family of five, three kids my boyfriend and myself. We got selected for section 8 after five years waiting. The thing is my boyfriends mom is very sick and disabled and on oxygen 24 hours. Can she be on the section 8 with us or would her income mess us our chance of getting help. She is on SSI and gets 900 a month. That’s the only income. We don’t got income at this time.

    • Nelson Rosen says:

      Every county is different but if hers is the only income you will probably still qualify.

  27. I live in Georgia. I live in a 4 bedroom house. when i first moved in it was me, my son, and my daughter. i worked and received ssi for both kids. this was just last year. this year i have the same income but my daughter had a baby. i received a letter saying my rent went up 200.00. when i questioned it. the said they do dont give me credit for my daughter cause she is 20 and doesnt work. but she is still getting ssi and they are counting her income. i would like to know if this correct.

  28. lisa diaz says:

    3 kids ,12 yrs old girl and 16 ,9 yr old boys I live in NYC how many bedrooms do I get?

  29. Sarina gonzales says:

    Hi I live in fresno, California . I have a 2bedroom voucher . When I got section 8 it was just myself my husband and 2year old daughter . She is now 3years old and we have a 3month old son . My lease is up soon and I need to still add him on my section 8 will my section 8 go up to a 3bedroom because I thought boy and girl aren’t supposed to share a room together?

    • Nelson Rosen says:

      Only once the child is anywhere from 5-10 years old depending on county. So you have at least another 2 years if not more.

  30. I am moving to Florida with the gentleman that I have been a live in caregiver for almost 8 years. He is on Section 8 here in NM and he has a 2 bedroom voucher. I am not sure how to find the rent limits for a 2 bedroom voucher in Pasco County; however, I am finding more 3 bedroom rentals available than 2. Would I be able to get a 3 bedroom rental on a 2 bedroom voucher for us? And do you know where I can locate online the rent limits for a 2 bedroom voucher in Pasco County, FL?

    • Nelson Rosen says:

      Hard to find the rent limits online, just call your local HA. You’d be able to get a 3 bedroom as long as your landlord will accept the 2 bedroom voucher plus whatever he wants your portion to be.

  31. i have orientation in MI coming up for section 8. my children been on list since 2006. my children are 18,21, 22,22 and i have a grandson and one on the way one of my children is away in college he cant make orientation will that be a problem

    • i have orientation in MI coming up for section 8. my children been on list since 2006. my children are 18,21, 22,22 and i have a grandson and one on the way one of my children is away in college he cant make orientation will that be a problem

    • Nelson Rosen says:


  32. Hello I have a 18 and a 14 year old son with a 15 year daughter how many rooms will I qualify for. I have a three bedroom voucher at the moment

  33. My mom has been issued a 1 bedroom voucher for me (her 19 year old daughter) and herself. We suspect that her worker is taking money from her voucher and making us move into a one bedroom. When we first went to see her she kept my mother’s voucher at $575 which was where it has been for a while now. All of a sudden, we meet with her again (mind you my mother has never had this worker before and she comes off a bit sketchy. All of her other workers have kept her voucher the same spite how mny kids she had. My brother and sister are older so they have moved out a long time ago, but I have been living with my mother for a while now, I am heading to college soon.) But anyway she had once told us her voucher was still at $575. We call her for a place at that price and she tells us its at $475. We can’t understand nor get through to her that we cannot find a two bedroom for that price! She claims we can only get one. Which would mean that we have to sleep together which neither of us want to do! So now here we are stuck and we have to be out by the end of this month AND WE HAVE NOT FOUND A PLACE BECAUSE OF MY MOHTER’S WORKER! WE ARE CONVINCED SHE IS DOING FRAUD! DOES THIS SOUND ODD TO YOU AS WELL? Its almost like she’s not seeing that I STILL LIVE WITH MY MOM! Its like she wants to forcefully put me out just because of my age, but I was aware that my age is not the issue! What is this woman getting at? She has a son herself that she was once on section 8. We asked her would you put YOUR SON OUT!? SHE REPLIED NO! OKAY, SO WHY MAKE IT SEEM LIKE I NEED TO BE OUT!? I jjust can’t understand this lady. Please help me out here.

    • Nelson Rosen says:

      Most likely your county allows for 2 adults in a 1 bedroom. Doubt there’s any fraud going on, but it’s always possible.

  34. I have for kids 3 boy and 1 girl
    boy 12 -8- 6 years
    girl 10 years
    am a single mother 47 years
    live in Brooklyn how many bed room can I have

  35. If I live in California and have an eight year old daughter, a 7 month old son with down syndrome and ventilator dependent, and a baby on the way what would I qualify for?

  36. lisa redd says:

    Wanna move to vegas, just me and my 9 year old son, how many bedrooms?

  37. lisa redd says:

    Eventhough, he is a different gender? I see on snvrha that they give u a different bedroom for a child thats of opposite gender? Is that not accurately correct?

    • Nelson Rosen says:

      Yes, it depends on the ages of the kids and what county. Sometimes separate genders will stay in the same room.

  38. Dia Singletary says:

    I live in NC how many bedrooms will my husband and I be able to get a 2 bedroom or just a 1

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