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So, how many bedroom unit are you entitled to as a section
8 voucher holder? It may not be as many as you think. Generally,
it’s two people per room. So if you have two daughters you could
have them live in the same bedroom , and have a bedroom for
yourself. But, let’s say you have a daughter and a son, they would
need seperate bedrooms (especially as teens!). So you need a
bedroom for yourself and one for each child. You could even have
your old aunt betty as part of your household, who would then
require her own bedroom too, which would put you in a four bedroom
situation. Therefore section 8 will take these considerations into
account. Section8 has the following standards to ensure these bases
will be covered. 0 bedrooms (studio) – 1 person 1 bedroom – 1 to 2
people 2 bedroom – 2 to 4 people 3 bedroom – 3 to 6 people 4
bedroom – 4 to 8 people 5 bedroom – 5 to 10 people 6 bedroom – 6 to
12 people

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  1. monica williams says:

    I currently live in a 4 BDRM renting for a 3 bdrm price. (my voucher size) i first had a voucher size for a 2 bdrm until i had a reasonable accommodation for my 8yr old son due to medical reasons. which made my voucher size a 3 instead of a 2. however I just renewed the reasonable accommodation and they are now forcing me to place my 18yr old in the livingroom. which means I will have to move after 3yrs what’s going on?????

    • Nelson Rosen says:

      so they downgraded you to a 2 bedroom from a 3 bedroom voucher? how many kids do you have? what ages/genders?

  2. teyoka brooks says:

    I have 6 kids, 4 girls and 2 boys. How many bedrooms will i get? I applied n in the process f hopefully getting a voucher.

  3. I’ve had section 8 since 2009 and was approved for the two bedroom back then. My daughter was 4 and son 2. Now my daughter is going on 10 and my son is going on 8. Would I be able to get a 3 bedroom? Is that possible?

    • Nelson Rosen says:

      Yes, you’d need to update the ages on the annual report, or contact your local hsa. You have a good shot.

  4. I currently have a two bedroom voucher and have three boys ages 14, 10, and 6 when am I able to get a three bedroom voucher they say two ppl to a room how long so they think a six year old is suppose to be in the room with me

    • Nelson Rosen says:

      First, what county are you in? Every county has slightly different rules. With most counties, once the child (opposite gender only) reaches 8 years old, they can no longer sleep in the same room as the opposite sex. So in 2 years time, you may qualify. But if you have a living room they may say you have to have a pull out bed and put the kid there and still stay in a 2 bedroom.

  5. Hello ,I’m a single mother of a 10 year old boy and a six year girl ,I currently have a section 8 Voucher , I’m planning on moving next year .My question is ,will my voucher be upgraded to a 3 bedroom voucher instead of 2 now that my children are a little older ?

    • Nelson Rosen says:

      Depends on the local guidelines to where you are moving. Some counties, yes, you will be eligible for a 3 bedrooms.

  6. I am a single mom with a 16 yr old son but they will only give me a one bedroom

  7. I have a daughter 21 in college and a son 13 currently I have a 3 bedroom my son is homeschooled due to his disability he sleeps in the living room since one if the bedrooms is his classroom do I qualify for a 4 bedroom I will be eligible in feb 2014 for section 8

  8. Pernella Mc says:

    I am 50yrs old with a 25yr old daughter and the NJ Section 8 will only give me 2bedroom with a reasonable accomodations. Yes, Section8 has awarded me my disability status, but why do I have to share a bedroom with my 25yr old daughter?

    Am I not entitled to 2br voucher automatically.

    • Nelson Rosen says:

      I’m confused. It sounds like you did get approved for a 2 bedroom. Section 8 figures your 25 year old daughter should be able to support herself (unless she has a disability of some sort)

  9. Christina b. says:

    I have a 13yr old daughter. Will I be qualified for a two bedroom. And my mom is disable and i take care of her. Am I allowed to put her in the house with me and my daughter?

  10. brenda lee says:

    Hi im still waiting for my voucher. And im a single mother with 3 kids a girl who is
    6 a girl who is 4months and a son who is 3. Will i qualify for a 3 bedroom or a 2.?
    Thanks ,

  11. I have one daughter she is 6 , will I be qualified for a two bedroom or one ?

  12. I have 4 sons 18, 9, 7, 2. I ow many bdrms will I be eligible for?

  13. Feelinblessed says:

    I have a 2 bedroom voucher my disabled mom lives with me my 19 year old daughter her 3 yr old daughter and my 11 yr old son my daughter is now pregnant do you think ism eligible for a 3 bedroom I’m from San Diego county

  14. I currently have a 2 bedroom section 8 voucher. I have a 2 yr old son and an 18 yr old son. Does section 8 allow me to have a 3 bedroom voucher or do they expect my 18 yr old and 2 yr old to share a room?

  15. MALIK MSHINDA says:

    I have 5 children.. 2 girls ages 15 and 11 and 3 boys ages 5, 2 and 2 months. How many bedrooms do I qualify for?

  16. i am a mother of 3 twins who are 14 yrs old and a daughter that is almost 20 in college i have a 2 bedroom do i qualify for a 3 bedroom.

  17. Hi i have three girls 19, 16, 6 n have a 3bdr voucher. If my 19 yr old moves out will i have to down size to a two bedroom voucher even though the girls r 16 n 6?

  18. Amber Lynn says:

    I have a 1 bedroom voucher and live by myself. but I just got married and want to start a family with my husband. He lives at a friends while I figure out how to add him and our new place, I’m looking for a new place in Orange County, CA. I want a 2 bedroom to set up a nursery, office/gym for the time being. Can I get a 2 bedroom now or do I have to wait until I’m pregnant?? Can a newly married couple have a 2 bedroom?? Thanks so much

  19. Demetrise says:

    I have a household of all females including myself 42,19,16,14&2 Im on sec8 living in a sm 2 bdrm how can I transfer 2 a bigger unit with a 2 bdrm voucher $1027.

  20. I have a 3 yr old son nd 9 yr old daughter what would they give me

  21. LaToya Singleton says:

    I have a household of 4. Myself, 20, 1, and a 3 month. We are all female. I am transferring my voucher from Louisiana. Does my unit size stay the same or will it change? If it does, what will be the unit size?

  22. Quin Gray says:

    I have a 6 year old daughter, a 4 year old son (turning 5 in Feb.) and a 18month old son. What would I qualify for in miami dade county?

  23. Hi. It’s 4 people in my home. My husband, myself, son who is 5 and daughter who will be 3 in a few months. Both have a disability, they need their own room. I have a 2 bedroom voucher. What are my chances? Thanks.

  24. I have a daughter thats 13 and a 9 yr old son,how many rooms will I approve for

  25. Tiara Moon says:

    I have a 4 year old son who is in pre-school and a 2 year old daughter, would I qualify for a 3 bedroom? I am currently in a 2 bedroom and got told that my kids should not be in the same room since they are different genders.

  26. As stated before, my daughter is 21 college student, son is 13 and disabled autistic non verbal/ home schooled we are currently living in extremely crowed living conditions, I have one bedrom for his class and physical therapy/ I have not kitchen table because I have a couch there, I mom out a bed in the living area. Do I qualify for 4 bed voucher to accomadate my sons special needs?

  27. What is the range of voucher for a 3 bedroom? In California San Bernardino county?
    If the living room is big enough a bed could be used in it

  28. I currenty am on HUD housing(which goes by income) I am disabled and live on SSI. I currently am in a 1 bedroom apt with my service animals. I have family and people that come in to help me out at times as my health has declined sometimes they are here for several nights and so I requested a 2 bedroom approved by my doctor. They denied it because they said it would have to be a live-in care provider or aide and want to know the reasons. By law they cannot ask me to disclose of my disabilities . My doctor filled out all necessary paperwork. What is the amount of time someone has to be here (hours) to comply with their standards. Cause I heard that with a reasonable accommodation by your Doctor stating the reasons why I need the extra room and cause it has to do with physical and mental health that that is suppose to be sufficient enough.

    • Nelson Rosen says:

      Not unless they live with you full time and it’s necessary. They will not approve an extra bedroom if people occasionally come by to help. Sorry.

  29. I will reappeal my RA on my son” I also have mental health issues and need a room, I hope with the information from mental health provider will get me the room I need I have seen some people in a 5 bedroom home with 3 people living there, there is DIF something wrong with our system it’s 3 of us and all I need is the 1 extra bedroomSMH I will take it all the way to a court if I have too…just saying

  30. Leida Ruiz says:

    Hi I have a 3br voucher for myself my 17 yr old & my 10 yr old daughter I recently got custody of my husbands two kids his son is 9 & his daughter is 12 does my bedroom size change? I don’t mind the girls sharing but does my 17 yr old have to share a room with my step son who is 9?

  31. I have a voucher for a 2 bedrooms, we are 3 in our family: two sons (7 and 19) and myself. Can I request a 3 bedroom voucher? I know that they are same sex but the gap between ages is huge.

  32. I have 7 children 6 girls and 1 boy what size voucher would I be approved for?

  33. I have a 6 year old girl with ADHD and bipolar & a 3 year old son would i qualify for a 3 bedroom if her psychiatric say she need her own space to help with her different moods and rage

  34. I will like to get a transfer because my 2 bedroom is way to small. I have a 4 yr old and a 12 going on 13 yr old . will I be qualified to get a 3 bedroom? (Brooklyn NY)

  35. I just wanted to know what is the exact voucher price for a three bedroom in contra costs county in the city of Antioch,Ca

  36. Keishia Martin says:

    I have been on housing since 2002 at the time my oldest son was 4. In March of 2008 i had another son and was still on housing. In 2009 i decided to move to a bigger place and when i got to my breifing they had up graded me to a three bedroom vultur. Was i entitled to that vultur up grade? If so why.

  37. ok my friend has an 2br voucher and she has 2g @ 1b altogether. including herself is 4… so my question is would she be able to receive an 3br voucher? in san bernardino county

  38. i forgot to put their age the girls is 5,4 @ the boy is 1

  39. I currently have a 4bedroom for 7 of us. I now have temp custody of my 2yr old niece can I add her to my voucher and will my bedroom size go up

  40. I have a 1 month old baby boy a 5 year old dauther and a 4 year old son how many rooms will section 8 give me

  41. I would like to apply for section 8 my son was killed the people still have not been caught I don’t want to live in nycha anymore . I have me and my 3 children two boys ages 17 & 7 my daughter 15 what criteria do I fit into

  42. I have 3 son’s two are 14 and 1 is 13 and I have a daughter that is 7. I got a 4 bedroom voucher but I saw a 3 bedroom that I like will they let me rent it?

  43. How can I get on the section 8 hud list who can I contact for help and what criteria do I fit in ???? I really need to know who to speak to . Thanks in advance…

    • Nelson Rosen says:

      Browse this site. There is a ton of information. But to apply for section 8 just check with your local housing authority.

  44. Can my fiance and i qulify for section 8? We both work and would really like to get a house voucher. Can anyone help me figure this out??

    • Nelson Rosen says:

      Obviously we can’t help you with the lack of information provided. But browse the site, there is tons of good information here that will help you. But the bottom line is you will never know unless you fill out the section 8 application and see…

  45. Cindy Sheehan says:

    I have a 2 bedroom voucher 17 year old girl and 12 year old boy I’m porting from California to Dallas Texas you think I will be able for a 3 bedroom voucher.

  46. Norma Whatts says:

    I have a 2bdrm voucher With 2daughters, 22yr old, 14yr old, I just recently removed the 22yr old because she moved out now section 8 down graded me to a 1bdrm are those the proper requirements for a 14yr old teen age girl to sleep in the same bedroom with me.

  47. Can I have myself taken off the section 8 ? I am 23 yrs old on a 3 room voucher with my family (brother and mother ) I am not head of household.Or will I be on this forever ?

    • Nelson Rosen says:

      Why do you need to take yourself off? If you ever move out, you will automatically be taken off the next year when your mother fills out the annual disclosure. But you can move out anytime you want.

  48. i have three girls 17,7 and 3 years old and i’m living in a 2 bdrm, i wanted to know if i’m eligible for a 3 bdrm since there’s limited space and a huge age difference between them, can the 17 year old get her own room and the younger 2 sleep in a room together.?

  49. I have 4 grandchildren 10 months boy grandson 7, grandson 6 and grandaughter 6 ane 2 teens 15 and 16 including self what size would i be?

  50. I have 3 children, 19 yr old boy, 9 yr old girl and an 8 yr old boy. Will I get a 3 bdrm or 4 and is it a longer wait for a 4 bdrm?

    • Nelson Rosen says:

      You won’t qualify for a 4 bedroom. The size of your potential voucher does not factor into the wait time.

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