Section 8 guidelines for unit size

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So, how many bedroom unit are you entitled to as a section
8 voucher holder? It may not be as many as you think. Generally,
it’s two people per room. So if you have two daughters you could
have them live in the same bedroom , and have a bedroom for
yourself. But, let’s say you have a daughter and a son, they would
need seperate bedrooms (especially as teens!). So you need a
bedroom for yourself and one for each child. You could even have
your old aunt betty as part of your household, who would then
require her own bedroom too, which would put you in a four bedroom
situation. Therefore section 8 will take these considerations into
account. Section8 has the following standards to ensure these bases
will be covered. 0 bedrooms (studio) – 1 person 1 bedroom – 1 to 2
people 2 bedroom – 2 to 4 people 3 bedroom – 3 to 6 people 4
bedroom – 4 to 8 people 5 bedroom – 5 to 10 people 6 bedroom – 6 to
12 people

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  1. Shirley McKinsey says:

    My question is, I have a 4 bedroom voucher. I’m in the process of relocating to another state and they gonna turn my voucher into a 3 bedroom voucher. My household size is myself and 4 son’s ages 15 who has ADHD, 11, 21 and a 20 who has ADHD and ODD/ Conduct disorder which he can be very disruptive, causing a lot of chaos and very argumentative, just always making his other brother doesn’t want to be around or deal with him, it would be very difficult having for them to share a room with him. It is pretty rough having a child who is diagnosed with both ADHA and ODD/ CONDUCT DISORDER. It’s would be too much on my other children to have them share a room. I do have proof that two of my sons were diagnosed with ADHD and one with bot ADHD and ODD/ Conduct disorder.

    • Shirley McKinsey says:

      I meant to say that it would be difficult for my other son’s to share a room with the 20yr old.

  2. lashiesta carr says:

    If its me and 2 daughters ages 2 and 1 month. How many bedrooms will I be eligible for in the state of Texas?

  3. I’m 17 turning 18 in 5 months. Could I apply for section 8 if my baby’s father is 18 but he has no records as in birth certificate, I’d, etc.

    • Nelson Rosen says:

      You can apply on your own. You don’t need your baby’s father to apply with you. However, if he chooses to apply, he’ll need those documents.

  4. Virginia Lowe says:

    I am a single mother with an 18 month old daughter, and almost 6 year old son. What should I look for?

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