Section 8 guidelines for unit size

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So, how many bedroom unit are you entitled to as a section
8 voucher holder? It may not be as many as you think. Generally,
it’s two people per room. So if you have two daughters you could
have them live in the same bedroom , and have a bedroom for
yourself. But, let’s say you have a daughter and a son, they would
need seperate bedrooms (especially as teens!). So you need a
bedroom for yourself and one for each child. You could even have
your old aunt betty as part of your household, who would then
require her own bedroom too, which would put you in a four bedroom
situation. Therefore section 8 will take these considerations into
account. Section8 has the following standards to ensure these bases
will be covered. 0 bedrooms (studio) – 1 person 1 bedroom – 1 to 2
people 2 bedroom – 2 to 4 people 3 bedroom – 3 to 6 people 4
bedroom – 4 to 8 people 5 bedroom – 5 to 10 people 6 bedroom – 6 to
12 people

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  1. monica williams says:

    I currently live in a 4 BDRM renting for a 3 bdrm price. (my voucher size) i first had a voucher size for a 2 bdrm until i had a reasonable accommodation for my 8yr old son due to medical reasons. which made my voucher size a 3 instead of a 2. however I just renewed the reasonable accommodation and they are now forcing me to place my 18yr old in the livingroom. which means I will have to move after 3yrs what’s going on?????

    • Nelson Rosen says:

      so they downgraded you to a 2 bedroom from a 3 bedroom voucher? how many kids do you have? what ages/genders?

  2. teyoka brooks says:

    I have 6 kids, 4 girls and 2 boys. How many bedrooms will i get? I applied n in the process f hopefully getting a voucher.

  3. I’ve had section 8 since 2009 and was approved for the two bedroom back then. My daughter was 4 and son 2. Now my daughter is going on 10 and my son is going on 8. Would I be able to get a 3 bedroom? Is that possible?

    • Nelson Rosen says:

      Yes, you’d need to update the ages on the annual report, or contact your local hsa. You have a good shot.

  4. I currently have a two bedroom voucher and have three boys ages 14, 10, and 6 when am I able to get a three bedroom voucher they say two ppl to a room how long so they think a six year old is suppose to be in the room with me

    • Nelson Rosen says:

      First, what county are you in? Every county has slightly different rules. With most counties, once the child (opposite gender only) reaches 8 years old, they can no longer sleep in the same room as the opposite sex. So in 2 years time, you may qualify. But if you have a living room they may say you have to have a pull out bed and put the kid there and still stay in a 2 bedroom.

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