What section 8 lists are open in California?

My understanding is that you cannot always enroll for section 8. In fact, most lists especially in populace states like California are usually rarely open for enrollment and when they are you are added among tens of thousands. The best way to find out the details is to find your local office and contacting that housing authority and asking specifically and where to find out about that announcement, it usually appears in a newspaper.

There is some research I’ve done that will help specifically for California Click here for my Section 8 California Tips, Tricks and Insider Contacts!

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  1. jesus Amezcuia says:

    can you tell me when section eight lists opens up in California

  2. I was wondering.. I applied for the section 8 in coco county and I was denied. I have a 3 year old little girl and our living conditions are not good. I was relying on this program to help me get it together and it turned me down. my question is Even though I have a baby, and our living conditions are all bad, can section 8 still deny us?

  3. soon to be homeless says:

    hi I have 2 year old and 8 year old child and husband(who lost his job ) and no income at the moment in need of section 8 badly … sorry Im at a lost for words… need help on how to go about getting section 8… thanks for your time…

  4. Hi everyone section 8 doesn’t go off how many kids you have or what type of living conditions you are in the selected people at random to be fair 40,000 people applied for cc waiting list and they only could selected 6,000 people at random and I don’t think that was a good idea because a lot of my friends got it between the ages of 18-20 and they didn’t even need it they don’t have kids and they all live in very nice homes and they have cars in they have very well taking care of by they familes and some of my friends with kids and damn near no were to stay and have bearly no money to get by got denied I don’t think thats fair they should have Reviewed eveybody situation cearfully but on the bringht side sonoma county has openings for section 8 nobody really knows that it wasn’t in the news paper or nothing I applied and one week later I got excepted for the waiting list so hurry before the list close good luck eveyone I know its hard times.

  5. veronica says:

    Hi i was wondering if there is any other type of help out there similar to sec 8, my husband just lost his job and we have no where to go we have two baby’s one is 8 months and the other is 2, our last resort is going in to the homeless shelter, we live with my parent’s but we have to move out because they cant afford the rent any more we only have 1 month to move out, i have no where to go, is there any where else i can go?

    • Jason Strick says:

      Sorry for the terrible news. Have you thought about contacting your local church or religious organization?

  6. DI KELLY says:

    Do you have any information about Section 8 or the other programs that will be opening up soon like the Obama Homeless Prevention and Rapid Rehousing funding? I am currently residing in a Non-Profit Shelter in Santa Monica. I understand that funding from Hud will be available at the end of this Sept. Have you heard anything regarding this? Thank you so much. Be Blessed.

    • Jason Strick says:

      Looks like community charities are just getting funds in areas all over the US. At least that’s what I gather after a quick google search

    • Jason Strick says:

      I’ve heard that local charities like the united way, etc… will be getting additional funding to help people with housing.

  7. What to do?
    A relocation has been completed after 60-day notice given. Sec 8 approved, but inspection has not been done yet. The current landlord says get out on Sept 1st or pay for each day remaining here. I believe the LL has every right to do it, but tenant’s (me and small family) are in no position to make such a payment. Not my fault sect 8 won’t inspect the new place in time, and now with just a few days left, we’ll probably just be evicted. My backup plan is putting everything in storage and splitting us up from there. Heck, I can sleep in the car, kids will have to stay wherever they can. I really don’t get how section 8 can relocate you but not inspect the new place before the move-in date, especially when I’ve paid rent on time every month and have been much less of a nuisance than just about everyone else here. I just feel the current landlord really wants us out of here and that’s okay. I’ve been ready to go for a while now since they haven’t been upfront with me about our lease. But I would just like to know, what should we do?

    • Jason Strick says:

      It is not very easy for a landlord to simply kick you out. I am a landlord and I empathize with both of you, but frankly, you can drag out your stay for a long time. You can go so far as to request a Jury trial which can take 1/2 a year. So just try and reason first with your landlord, perhaps you can work out a daily rate you can afford until you leave. But stay put, do not sleep in your car. Then as soon as the new home is ready, bolt outta there.

  8. Thank you! Very good. I really hope the inspector shows up tomorrow. But if not, at least we know we won’t be put out on the streets.

  9. What counties in california are accepting section 8 applications

  10. lisa williams says:

    i just to california and i would like my own place how do i go about getting section 8

  11. Trying to get help says:

    I was wondering if there was a way that I could get a notice to what counties are havind open applications for the Section 8 progams?

  12. Roya Sakhai says:

    I am a therapist all my clients need section 8 housing. They live in Oakland and Fremont and are willing to move do you know where there is section 8 housing open?

  13. Kelvin Jones says:

    I am deaf, I am first time with section 8. I really need
    section 8 asap. I tired to call to section 8 two times but no
    answer last week Thursday and Friday.

  14. Dalya Jones says:

    I would like to be informed abou any open section 8 list pleas

  15. the sec- 8 list for oakland is open you can fill out application online at http://www.oakha.org

  16. Can someone tell me if section 8 lotteries are sympathetic to people with illnesses such as hiv?


  18. Maria Lieske says:

    I just found out the OPCC here in Santa Monica is playing favoritism, and I was up for my medical sec 8 when I got set up to be ousted out, for someone looking into my shower stall!! Litterally! I defended myself, and because I defended myself, I was the one being kicked out, and the staff there apologised for HER settting me up to lose my opportunity to getting my voucher and she knew this too!! They listened to HER side as usual, but not mine! Their “victim” is a black hispanic woman, and I’m Native American, and I must say, those black people really know how to stick together over there! They really got each others backs!! How sad!

  19. Quick question? Do you have an updated list for 2015 of what counties are open in California? I know san mateo county (Peninsula Bay area) section 8 is closed permanently but they have a program open called move to work program which is section 8 for 5 yrs….. but i need something more then just 5 yrs what links can you hook me up with to find out the info i need thank you head of time

  20. I moved here from Memphis Tn.. i drove 27 hours with my kids i called the section 8 office back in Oct/2014 after applying for section 8 here in California i was told the section list was opent and that they will starting calling people in Dec 2014 and i have called to check the status of my section to find out that it is a 6yr waiting list im about to be screwed my sister in leaving for deployment to Japan in July 2015 and she is the only family i have here besides my kids… im currently in the middle of graduating dental school and i cant just quit in the middle of my semester…what am i to do

  21. Rebecka says:

    Am I considered a 4br if I have a son who’s 16 a daughter who’s 14 another son who’s 13 and a son who’s 6 and myself?

  22. Anna adams says:

    I have 5 kids and all under the age of 18 and I’m a single mom the father is on drugs and on the streets. In less then a month were going to be homeless. My credit is no good and I can’t find any apartments or anything that will give me a chance. I don’t know what to do I have been applying for section 8 and public housing but I have no luck. PLEASE HELP

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