How does Section 8 notify the public when the application waiting list opens?

Hud advises each Section 8 housing authority to notify its constituents of an in the following manner:

• Submit press release to local newspapers, including minority newspapers.
• Write and submit a human-interest story with photographs to a local newspaper.
• Distribute flyers or applications through schools, community agencies, welfare
offices, employers, union offices, neighborhood groups, hospitals, commercial
establishments (supermarkets, discount stores, laundromats), libraries, and
• Print mail-in applications in local newspapers, including minority papers.
• Request community service announcements through local television and radio.
• Purchase advertising on subways and buses.
• Purchase advertising in local newspapers, including minority papers.
• Ask supportive service organizations to participate in the outreach effort.
• Solicit referrals from agencies working with families least likely to apply”

I don’t know about you, but I have not seen any of such advertising. Soon, by becoming a member you’ll be notified of such openings by email as I research them further.

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  1. Yes i would like to know what do i have to do to get a section 8 voucher i have try every thing when i go to the office they tell me that they are not takeing any application and then they tell you to get out my daughter has ashima and she is sick and i don’t know what to do.

  2. how do i get on the section 8 waiting list please pleasee

  3. Cammie Fearance says:

    I need Help idont get but lettle money and me and my baby how do i get on section 8

  4. Cammie Fearance says:

    I need Help idont get but lettle money and me and my baby how do i get on section 8

  5. I need help i dont get but 672 and for to me and my that why i need.can someone help us get on section8 please.

  6. Ive been on waiting list for over 19 years !So now i have a 5year old daughter . And I’m currently going through a very bad divorce . And i just started back on receiving Welfare Cal Works Cash Aid and Medical,with Food Stamps for the past 9 or so months i had to receive assistance because , my soon to be ex-husband left me with no car , no money and i did not have a job! However, i did care for my daughter full time before she started kindergarten. So I filled out a updated version at the welfare office and mailed in a application .I applied for homeless assistance at welfare office cause i am now living in the hotel for now ! How do i push this through faster to get vouchers for housing in the area Redondo Beach, Ca 90532 or Torrance,Ca 90505 or Lomita,Ca Are they accepting Applications And how fast can i get mine to have a home to live in as fast as possible please, help me ?

  7. i would like to know when the waiting lists opens i put an application more than 5 years ago. please contact me or email me i will like to get a voucher so i can move my rent is to high

  8. laurasection8 says:

    First you should call your local Section 8 housing authority and find out if they’re taking applications or you can register here to get the list of your local offices taking new applicants. Depending on your situation you might qualify for the Preference System.

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