If you are thinking about applying for section 8 in Virginia,
PLEASE read this first!

Have you wondered why it is so hard to find good information about applying and getting into Section 8 in Virginia?

As a landlord, I had tried to help my tenants enroll into Section 8 to help pay their rent. It was good for them because they could have nearly free rent and good for me so that I could have a steady rental income.  At first, I could not get anywhere with Section 8, it simply seemed like it was nearly impossible to join a Section 8 program in my city. Finally, after a lot of rejection, trial and error, I FINALLY figured out how to “beat” the system. Throughout the process I compiled the information that I couldn’t find when I started. That information would have saved myself and my renters TONS of time, money and aggravation.

Can You Really Get Into the Section 8 Program?


Unfortunately, most people don’t!

Why do the majority of new applicants lose out?

In most cases, it’s simply lack of KNOWLEDGE.

In the majority of cases, people get started by looking online or contacting their local housing authority and hitting a brick wall. Unfortunately, that’s what I did! That is just one small part of the process. You need to know the whole picture… you need to understand how you can bypass waiting lists and other techniques to get the housing you want soon.You could be losing Tens of thousands of dollars in rent by waiting on a long list and paying your landlord in the mean time…

Why isn’t this information easier to find?

Two reasons: Unfortunately, the people who are in charge of distributing housing choice vouchers for section 8 in Virginia, are overworked, underpaid and have way more demand then they can ever supply. Second, it’s the government! No one can understand the documentation they put out. The HUD and Section 8 “official” websites have a lot more articles out there trying to confuse you rather than help you.

I did some Internet surfing to find out what other info about joining Section 8 in Virginia was out there. What did I find? There are NO sites that give you the information that I have obtained on Section 8 in Virginia. In fact information that I will provide you about the housing authorities in Virginia is FAR more accurate then HUDs official website or any other website. I’ve included things they’ll never tell you like wait list size in every city and much much more. Additionally, any website that claims they you can apply from their site online is simply lying. In fact, I’ll teach you how to properly apply and give you SPECIFIC information on how to apply in any Virginia city.

Why can’t you get straight answers from people on how to solve your immediate need to get Section 8 Housing now?

Because getting on Section 8 is VERY competitive. You need every edge to get ahead of the thousands of individuals trying to get the same voucher. Everyone wants to see you go through the same process as the next person…. take a number and wait in line. I’ll teach you how to use your knowledge to get around those people.

So here’s the deal.

You will receive my inside knowledge of how to most efficiently and quickly succeed with your Section 8 application. I will detail my effective strategy for bypassing the enormous waiting lists in Virginia. I will provide you with hundreds of hours of research into the Section 8 program and the best part is, it’s only $9.99 $4.99

Here’s what you’ll get in my information packed  ebook!

  • A detailed description of my personal strategy for bypassing huge waiting lists in your city and getting you a voucher quicker.
  • You’ll also get the specific data I provide on each housing authority in Virginia to utilize my plan.
  • Additional Tips you never thought of and no one will ever volunteer to you… that will help you get your voucher faster than all the other waiting list applications.
  • A breakdown of the Right numbers to call in your city to get through to a LIVE person quickly.
  • A breakdown of which housing authorities are dead ends, where no one picks up the phones and you have no chance of getting on Section 8 and how to deal with it.
  • How to be the first to know when new applications are being accepted.
  • Where to look for new application announcements in the newspaper and other publications.
  • The total amount of applicants on the waiting list in your city. . (available for most Housing Authorities)
  • The total amount of vouchers available in your city. . (available for most Housing Authorities)
  • Specifics on how to obtain the Section 8 application in each city of Virginia
  • Why the majority of people don’t get on Section 8
  • Other major considerations you probably haven’t thought of yet
  • All this for only $9.99 –   $4.99!!!
  • Don’t be fooled by other sites pretending to offer Section 8 applications, only housing authorities can offer those, and those offers are a scam!

This information will be delivered to you IMMEDIATELY. There will be no waiting for UPS or the post office. It will be delivered to you electronically.


This information is hand collected through hundreds of hours of my personal research from years of actually dealing with Section 8 in Virginia and is available now for $9.99 –   $4.99!!!.

What’s my agenda?

I want to help people with a topic that I have a passion for and if you support my site, I can continue to provide free and low cost information to everyone. Whether you decide to pursue a Section 8 application or not, this is your best shot to stop losing thousand of dollars to a to your landlord. Section 8 is a GREAT opportunity. It has been good to me. I would like everybody to have an equal shot at success. You deserve a fair start. It’s simply a matter of getting more knowledge. Good Luck – Let’s be in touch, Jason Strick.

You can have this information in your hands in seconds.

Receive your copy of:

“Section 8 Virginia Secrets Exposed”

BONUS! Don’t forget that after reading my amazing advice, you will also get my private list of Virginia housing authority contacts containing this extremely valuable information…

  • Contact Person: XXXXXXXXXX
  • Correct Phone: XXXXXXXXXX
  • Counties Covered: XXXXXXXXXX
  • Cities Covered: XXXXXXXXXX
  • Total Vouchers Issued: XXXXXXXXXX
  • Wait List Size: DXXXXXXXXXX
  • Next Opening of Wait List: XXXXXXXXXX
  • How Fast Does Wait List Move / Priority Considerations? XXXXXXXXXX
  • Notification of Waiting List Opening: XXXXXXXXXX

And of course my strategy for using this information to get the Section 8 voucher you need now. You will not find this information anywhere else guaranteed!


“Thank you for caring about those most people don’t want to even acknowledge. I’m very hopeful all because of your article! THANK YOU!!” – Ceci Heins

“…very grateful thanks ton!” – Toni Conley

“Thank you! Very good…at least we know we won’t be put out on the streets” – Sheri

“Thanks for all the info … I appreciate it.” – Joy

“Thanks for your help!” – Rita


County / Counties Covered … Plus More!

Buchanan, Dickinson, Russell, Washington,City of Bristol, Shenandoah & Page
Accomac & Northhampton
WiseBig Stone Gap
Washington CountyCity Bristol
Albemarle, Fluvanna, Greene, Louisa and NelsonCity of Charlottesville
AlbermarleCity of Charlottesville
Suzanna, Louisa, Albermarle, Charlottesville & NelsonCity of Charlottesville
WiseWise (townships – Coeburn, wise, Pound, Bif Stone Gap, Appalatian)
Danville, PittsylvaniaChatham, Cascade, Callands, Gretna, Hurt, Ringgold, Pittsville & Alavista
Scott CountyDuffield, Yuma, Fort Blackmore, Durgannon, Gate City, Weber City, Hiltons
Franklin & South HamptonBorkins, Branchville, Wakefiled, Newsome, Ivor, Cortland, Druryville & Capron
City of HamptonCity of Hampton Only
Harrisonburg & RockinghamHarrsionburg City, Gratos, Elkton, Port Republic, Lineville, Broadway, Keezletown, Mt. Crawford, Bridgewater & Dayton
City of Hopeful
Lee CountyEwing, Jonesville, Pennington Gap, Drydon, Rosehill, St. Charles
LoudounLeesburg, Perciville, Hamilton, Roundville & Ashburn
City Lynchburg
Smyth CountyMarion, Saltville, Chilhowie
City of Norton Only
ChesterfieldRichmond & Henrico

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