Section 8 Application / Wait List Emergency Tip

Speaking to a tenant of mine, I just found out a tip on how to get on to the top of the Section 8 waiting list almost immediately. I’d like to share it with you.

The tenant told me she was able to bypass the waiting list by living in a Shelter and then applying. Apparently those in Shelters are considered a higher priority. However you need to make the effort to get to a case worker and let them know about the situation. Almost all shelters will provide you with a letter of need that you can take to section 8. If its a long wait list or the wait list is closed make your case known. This is especially helpful in smaller towns where the wait list is not as huge.

This is obviously not for the faint of heart, but sometimes the financial burden of paying rent is just too much to bare. The tenant is actually happy she did it. She is in a much better situation now and can choose any house or apartment of her liking.

I’d like to know your feedback on this.

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  1. I mean I applied in a line for 8 hours in the cold with my newborn in 2010 here it is 2015 why haven’t I heard nothing back I stay in Rockingham nc I don’t know what to do I have 4 kids I just want better for them

  2. Back in 2007 while pregnant with my first child I applied and have been on the waitlist since then I’ve had another child and have been goin from house to house for the past couple months is there anything I can do to try and speed up the process without having to stay at a shelter

    • Nelson Rosen says:

      Not really, unfortunately.

    • Kimberly says:

      You don’t have to stay at a homeless shelter in order for a homeless letter to be given. Go to the Salvation Army or whatever shelters are near you and tell them that you applied for section 8 and you are now homeless staying from couch to couch. They will provide you with a letter.

  3. I’ve been trying to put in the application for housing, but nothing is available here in Sacramento. It’s hard because me and my daughter have been here with my Mom and she wants me out because I can barely pay her my portion of the rent. The SHRA (Sacramento Housing Redevelopment Agency) were no help and just said “There might not be anything available.” I work and go to school, but the money just isn’t enough. I don’t want to go into a shelter. Is there any other way to get some assistance?

  4. Andrea P says:

    Im a 29yr old single mom of 3, disabled and waiting for approval from my SSI application. I have been on my county’s section 8 waiting list since 7-2010, and Im #748 on the list. One year ago, I was number #981.

  5. Andrea P says:

    Oh yeah, forgot to add that I’m in west Michigan,

  6. crystal williams says:

    Me and my daughter is living in a shelter and i am on the waiting list for section8 how long do i in the shelter to get pushed up

  7. Brittany Thompson says:

    The PROBLEM is with sec 8 is that the government gives it to people that is in NEED, when reality they just apply so they don’t have to pay rent or get off there ass and work! My aunt and many others have been on sec 8 since the 90’s here it is 2015′ instead of the government cutting down foodstps they should have take people that’s 5-10+ years off the housing program this is really crazy, it’s been 10 years and you still haven’t saved enough money to buy your own house smh, that’s ridiculous!!!!!! Take those people off the list so other people that really needs it can apply.

  8. Rachel Johnson says:

    ‘m almost eight moths pregnant and I don’t have a place I need a place asap were can I go to get help

  9. I agree Brittany. If a person is on SECTION8 that long, they should be FORCED into the projects since they obviously haven’t done anything to contribute to their own life. This program should have limitations granted the few who derserve an exception like disabled. Other that, if you are living close to rent free…I don’t see how IF you are working full time WHY you in 5 or so years can’t afford if not to buy a house…to pay full rent WITHOUT any assistance. POS

    • Y’all fuxking act like children are not blessings noone ask to get pregnant it’s a blessing for someone to even get pregnant some people can’t god will find a way for the struggle fuck off , why have so much bad things to say cunt , !!! Kids are blessing you faggot I have two and pregnant with my third and I’m still in the shelter struggling myself bitxh you won’t know unless you go through the struggle most woman are weak and can’t handle it nigga please get a life I’m a single fucking mother , and still buss my asss nigga please . fuck OFF!!

  10. Elvita Larose says:

    I passed on the section 8 to my daughter 13 years ago. And I am sixty five years old. And I cannot get section 8. Can I get section 8 back.

  11. test account says:

    does this comment get approved immediately?

  12. almost a decade says:

    I applied in 1998 in California just got on in 2016 I had 2 kids. …

  13. Carlie Graves says:

    I just now turned 18 and i have a 1 year old daughter i have done bouced from place to place with her her whole life. I am now living with my grandmother in a two bedroom house with my 3 lil cousins she has custody of my granny my aunt and my mom.. the house is not in good living condition at all eathier i have got to get out of here asap im workin on getting a job its just that im doing everything on my own and dont realy no how to go about getting my own place for us.. im signed up for housing but i no the waiting list is so long what should i do to get us our own apartment asap.

  14. Where i cant apply to section 8 and if still working 2016

  15. Rosetta Biddings says:

    I am on disalabity and need help i am on the senior list but i need a place to live

  16. Where is the shortest waitlist in Nc. Sc or va

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