Enrolling in Section 8 as a Landlord

This question was posed to me…. “How do I become a Section 8 Landlord”

The answer is When you decide to accept Section 8 tenants, they will probably have a moving paper form issued by Section 8. Ask the tenant for the form, fill it out jointly, and hand it in to Section 8. You should ask the tenant for the # of the Section 8 program you are on and confirm everything you need to do as the landlord with them.

The bad part is… As far as I know, you have to go through this every time with a new tenant. Even though Section 8 may have you in their computer, they still want you to submit your contact information each time as well as some other items such as:

  • Property Address
  • Property Age
  • Property PIN – To make sure you are not behind on your taxes and you won’t be foreclosed upon shortly
  • Your Tax Id or SSN
  • Who will be supplying utilities for gas, electric, water, refuse, etc…
  • Comparable rents in the area
  • Possibly some more which I may add in the near future

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  1. So what happens after you fill out the application together with this prospective tenant?

    Do you get contacted by the govt to schedule a walkthrough of the premises?

    Do they move in right away?

    Can you still require a deposit?

    Who pays the deposit?


    • Jason Strick says:

      1. The tenant will give the papers to the housing authority
      2. You will get a phone call when an inspector will come
      3. You probably will fail the initial inspection, at which point you’ll get a list of failed items and they’ll call you with the next date of inspection
      4. You pass inspection, the contract department will call you when it’s ready. Could be 2-4 weeks.
      5. You can hold a deposit as soon as you accept the tenants application, if they can afford to pay … if not section 8 does have some security deposit programs that you can talk to them about
      6. After you have the contract, then the tenant should move in

  2. Where do I apply to become a Section 8 Landlord?

  3. How can a landlord get help regarding an unfair inspection?

    • Jason Strick says:

      Most of the inspections feel unfair as the requirements are pretty strict. I would call the supervisor at Section 8 and let them respectfully know what happened. The more communication you have with Section 8, the more you’ll make connections and garner respect.

    • laurasection8 says:

      You can always contest it. “unfair” won’t sound like a winning argument to Section 8. Can you specify further?

  4. Carlena says:

    How do I know what I will be paid as far as rent? Is there a set rental charge?

  5. maria velasco says:

    I’m regisred for section 8 landlord I paid the $ 10 but for some
    reason I don’t find the way to go in and put the password that I have and continue with next step if some one can help me with this matter I really appreciate thank you

  6. phillip c washington says:

    I am a section landlord I cant remenber my login information to list my vacant unit.

  7. Franklin Perkins says:

    I am interested in signing up with the state of VA to offer my home as a Section 8 rental. How do I go about doing so?

    • Jason Strick says:

      I’ve said time and again you can only sign up when you have a tenant in mind. Ask the prospective tenant for their moving papers, follow the directions on them and take it from there.

  8. Lorraine Lombardo says:

    I bought a property and want to become a section 8 landlord. I have a tenant I want. He is on the Section 8 voucher list in San Francisco County (for 6yrs) How does he transfer to Contra Costa County and not loose his position on the list for a voucher? What is that process and how long might it take? How do I make sure that he gets into my house?

    Thank you,

  9. Gwendolyn Stubbs says:

    I am look for section 8 apartments in houston texas I wan to get on it can anybody help me get on it yes or no

  10. Can I buy a property and utilize Section 8 to rent it to a family member? Their family is too large but wwe still want to help them out.

  11. Latrice Davis says:

    I am 28 years, who is disabled, with two children. I am intrested in affordable housing in Garland Texas.
    Why is it so difficult filling out an application?

    • Jason Strick says:

      There are no applications on this site. Not yet anyway. I wish people would READ information from this site instead of making things up… my favorite one is that I took a $10 application fee…. 🙂 Wrong SITE!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jason Strick says:

      There are no applications on this site… just tips at this time.

  12. Good Day!

    I am interested on becoming a section 8 Landlord. I would like to know if Section 8 provides advertisement?


  13. I have a house to rent that in modification that is current can i rent it thur section 8

  14. I have a sect 8 tenant in mind. I have a private bedroom
    vacancy in a shared 2 bedroom apt. The other roommate there is “not
    sect 8” tenant. Will sect 8 pay for 1/2 of an apt? Also, what is
    the penalty if the sect 8 tenant breaks his current lease to move
    in to my apt for rent?

  15. If you have a two bedroom house, how many people/children are allowed for occupancy under Section 8 housing,


  16. Can I purchase a mobile home for section 8 and rent it to a family member?

  17. b bailey says:

    I am interested in becoming a section 8 landlord. I am having my rental house remodel. I currently have a tenant over 70 with 2 adult daughters who are unable to work due to illness. Their income is based on ss. What would section 8 pay for a 3 bedroom house?


  18. bobby k. says:

    if i qualify as a sect. 8 landlord, what happens with damages to the property.

  19. i have sen 8 and iam a very good renter and iam looking for a 3 bedroom home in santa clarita ca 91387 if you know any please call me at 661 250-7355 thank you

  20. If a garage has been converted without permits..Would section 8 approve it for rent?

    • laurasection8 says:

      Section 8 doesn’t request Building Permits. Just make sure the unit complies with the Standard Regulations.

  21. mrsclay says:

    Section 8 tenant looking for 3BR unit in nice, quiet area in VA

  22. LUIS MARRERO says:


  23. I recently passed the section 8 inspection, and my tenant needs to move in asap, however the contract won’t be complete for 6-8 weeks. At what point in time will the housing authority begin covering rent: upon passing the inspection or upon contract signing?

    • laurasection8 says:

      Section 8 recommends to wait until all paperwork is completed. They usually ask you for the move-in date when they draft the contract. They will approve the back payment or not. As long as you already agreed to the rent amount they’re going to pay for the tenant OR if you just want them in no matter how much the voucher is going to be for I would let them move and submit the Lease to the Housing Authority when requested with the correct move in date. Worse case scenario you’d miss a couple of days income.

  24. hello, I was wondering…. I am currently planning to retire in another state and I would like to start taking Section 8 for my home in MA .I would like to rent to my nephew and his family who are on the section 8 waiting list (3 years now). Is he able to receive section 8 now if I have in mind to have him as my tenant even though he is on a waiting list. Once I become a section 8 lanlord can he move in? Thank you for all you help and tips.

    • Nelson Rosen says:

      Unfortunately that will not move them up on the waiting list. Although if you get approved as a landlord you can accept other section 8 tenants if you want.

  25. I would like to downsize to a one bedroom on my application I’m on disability list

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