California Section 8 Wait List Opens

Roseville, California

The city of Roseville, CA is opening the section 8 waiting list.

Here’s the facts:

– Applications will be accepted only online you can find it here

– Dates: April 26 – 28

– A computer generated lottery will pick 150 of the applications to be accepted

Income limits

1 PERSON    $25,600 6 PERSONS $42,400
2 PERSONS $29,250 7 PERSONS $45,350
3 PERSONS $32,900 8 PERSONS $48,250
4 PERSONS $36,550 9 PERSONS $51,150
5 PERSONS $39,500 10 PERSONS $54,000


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  1. nicole jones says:

    thanks for all the section 8 tips. my 6 mth old baby and I are currently in a shelter in richmond ca. hoping to get a voucher soon.

  2. Mai vang says:

    How do I check the status of my application for the city of Roseville , ca? How do I know if I got pick or did not get pick.

  3. I am a Section8 Choice Voucher participant of Lincoln County, Oregon (97367zipcode) also known by Housing Authority of Lincoln County– H.A.L.C.
    I believe I am portable now & are possibly wanting to move to city soon as we are able to.

  4. Michelle Boyd says:

    Please alert me by email on up coming opening for section 8 housing. Thank You!

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