PORTABILITY – General Facts

Housing Choice Vouchers are accepted by cities across the country, giving families real choice about where they live. In the Housing Choice Voucher Program the rental assistance is “portable,” which means, it “moves” with you.

Portability allows you to move with continued assistance to any housing authority in the country that has a Housing Choice voucher program.

Important Portability Facts

  • Each housing authority has its own rules, regulations and deadlines that you must follow.
  • Fair Market Rent limits or payment standards may be different.
  • The utility allowance may be different and may affect the rent amount you pay.
  • Subsidy standards may be different.
  • The new housing authority will issue you a different voucher, which may change the size (number of bedrooms).
  • When you move the new housing authority will re-verify your income.
  • When you transfer to another Housing Authority they may re-verify your household income, family composition and require a recent criminal background check.
  • If you are new to the Housing Choice Voucher Program and have not previously received rental assistance, your income must meet the Income Eligibility Limits of the area where you are transferring.


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  1. Rainleegen and nelson rosen, seem to have a “you people are lazy” disposition. They seem to have a “shut up and take what is given you, because you are not “entitled” ” republican positioning their posts. Here is the thing…We are living in a country where the Very very very very rich corporations are asking themselves, “How can we pay the very least possible, with the fewest hours so as to not pay healthcare to full timers…cheapen what we are paying the chinese to make our product, and get that worker to do the previous work done by two because I dont want to hire”. Couple that with “I feel I dont want to hire people of certain races, ages, or with criminal backgrounds regardless of when it was done, because I got some kinda hang up”…and we have a country that never wants to hire, not worried about selling more product, but interested in making cheaper products and steal all the profits, with total disregard into placing money into the workers, yet willing to spend a cool million on a single superbowl commercial.
    You cant complain about people’s use of varies services when you are not pushing to either make it EXTREMELY easy to start businesses, or you are not assuring Employment discrimination is EXTREMELY HARD to perpetrate. Right now, its EXTREMELY HARD to prove Discrimination with the EEOC because they openly state that they cant take every case due to budgets, And lawyers will never take the cases even if you have proof, because they know the corporations have money to run up a bill that YOU wont be able to counter with to pay YOUR lawyer. So you better have a class action where they can get a lot of money and you get nothing.

    NO ONE HERE would pick sec 8 over having a well paying place of employment. NO ONE likes working for low pay. But there are actually assistance programs that demand that you are NOT in college!

    So ….stop talking like people are acting like “entitlement kings”, unless YOUR JOB is willing to hire that person EQUALLY, regardless of age, color, or sex, AND are offering a pay that can actually pay a rent. But if youre talking crazy to all these people, yet when you look around at your place of employment and see your Job that required NO college education, has predominately a white population, yet youre in a location that has minorities all over the place? YOU have no room to say a singe negative word to ANYONE on ANY assistance program, because youre part of the problem.

    • Nelson Rosen says:

      Wow. Not sure if you realize but I am the owner of this site. How exactly do I have a “you people are lazy” mentality? I created this site to allow for free flowing information to help those interested in section 8 housing.

      What have YOU done? Exactly.

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