Section 8 Landlords scariest word… ABATEMENT!

An Abatement is the suspension of rent payment to the Landlord after failing an inspection within the allowable time-frame.

That’s why it’s very important you pass or AT LEAST TRY to pass the 1st time. If the problem is a life threatening or a serious health and safety violation, you must correct the problem within 24 hours.  Inspector will advise you.

You might fail for something you missed or didn’t notice, but believe me, you will kick yourself in the back if you fail for one of “the usual suspects”, like smoke detectors, stove burners not working, loose handrail, outlets… Being prepared for the inspection is the key.

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  1. Hello, I know this is a little off the topic but I am porting from Alabama to Covington Georgia do anybody know where I can find a house for rent that is privately owned and no credit check????

  2. I will like to know what come in the package when you doing a portable to monroe country p.a if anyone know and can you start look for a place right then and there or you have to wait for something in the mail from them

  3. I live in Atlanta don’t like it been here for about two mouths landlord willing to let me out my lease but the lady at the sec8 office says no I have to be here a year but acording to the deport papers it said i can as long me and my landlord agree ..she said if i leave she would put a ud on my name and terminate my vocture can she do that …just wondering because she has a nasty atude ….

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