Residents of  Sonoma County can apply for Section 8 Housing.

Here’s the application. Sonoma County, CA Application

If you cannot print it here you can get if from any of their local offices like 1440 Guerneville Road Santa Rosa, CA 95403-4107 or from any of the county branch libraries.

There is not a deadline as of yet, but I would do it “YESTERDAY”!

If you read our blog you should know it by now, but just in case, let me remind you, being approved for the waiting list doesn’t mean you’re getting your voucher immediately. You are JUST approved for the WAITING list. (I’d rather be on the Waiting List that not on it at all!)

There is already a long Waiting List already so Section 8 cannot estimate how soon or late you will get your voucher. Though they do have a preference system that can move you up the list, for example: veterans, people with disabilities, senior citizens.



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