Massachusetts gives the option to apply to local or regional Waiting List.

Local Housing Authority = particular city or county

Regional = statewide

Certain Local Housing Authorities might have their Section 8 Waiting List Closed,  therefore you’d rather apply to the Regional Waiting List which is always Open.  You will be placed in a statewide waiting list giving you a bigger chance. Click here to see the list of cities where your name would be MA Centralized Cities. You have to apply to just one participating office.  Here’s the application MA Pre Application. Only 1 member of the household has to fill out the application to only 1  office but it will considered  by ALL participating housing authorities.

Only original forms will be accepted. Application can be mailed or delivered in person.

Some HA sort the applications by a preference system others just by date and time.

MA Waiting List is updated every 2 yrs. There will be an update mailed  on February, 2012

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