FAQ #1: Can a convicted felon get Section 8?

One of the most frequently asked question is can a convicted felon qualify for Section 8?

The answer depends on a number of factors and the type of felony conviction. The application process for section 8 does necessitate a criminal background check so it is a pertinent question.

There are 2 felonies that will exclude you from obtaining a section 8 voucher forever; If you have a lifetime registration on the sex registry or if you sold meth anywhere near public housing facilities. If you already have section 8 and commit one of these felonies you will have your voucher revoked immediately and will never be eligible again.

Any other felony is really on a case by case basis. Most counties will typically allow you into the program if the felony was not committed in the past 5 years. It can be less if you attended Rehab and received a certificate of compliance.

One thing to note is even if you are accepted into the section 8 program, potential landlords can (and usually do) also require their own background check and may not rent to you if you have any convictions on your record. Though that also is on a case by case basis.


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  1. jacqueline says:

    can you please send me application for section 8 i need 2bedroom at 184 concord street rahway nj 07065

  2. I need application please for section 8 in Va or WVa..Thank You

  3. getting married in a month. was wondering since my fiance is a convicted felon and we want o move in together will I lose my section 8? I live in California. He has a GBI, but only did 6 months in jail. He got sentenced 5 years probation but is due to be off June this summer. I need help!

  4. Robin C. says:

    Please send me a application thank you

  5. You go to housing authority office in ur county. Look it up online. And to the last comment – reread the article ur answer is there

  6. My son moved out it was three in my household now it’s two will my voucher cchange I have a two bedroom now

  7. Crystol Dunn says:

    I am a Representative payee for a mentally disabled person who has filled out and applied for Section 8 housing in Minnesota. He was told most ecently that he never lived in Public Housing(this is untrue, and he has proof), and that his name never got entered into the pool to receive Section 8 housing and that his name will not be entered into the pool. Who does he need to talk to for help in this situation. It has been 12+ years of waiting for Section 8 housing voucher and now he’s being denied for what reason??? He is not a felon, sex offender, or had anything to do with drug elated incidents. He is an African American with Mental Disabilities who is in need of assistance to eraticate this issue.

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